911 call takers and dispatchers deserve better software.

When aiding people in their life's worst crisis, 911 operators often have to "make do" with legacy software systems that have ample room for usability improvements and rethought.

Many of the projects that are mentioned in this section are not available for public viewing because they have yet to be launched. If you would like to see the visual aspects of the collaborations, feel free to set up some time to talk it over some boba.

  • August 2020-December 2021
  • RapidDeploy Nimbus
  • RapidDeploy Eclipse

selected work

Oct 2020—Jan 2021 / Lead Designer / Delivered

Incident + Unit Grids

Dispatchers need a visible, comprehensive way of viewing all incidents and units so that they can distribute assistance to 911 calls accurately and confidently.

Aug 2021—Dec 2021 / Lead Designer / Unreleased

Message Board

All 911 staff members need the ability to view center-important information for shared understanding and real-time updates between shifts.

May 2021—July 2021 / Lead Designer / Delivered

Eclipse Redesign

911 supervisors need a clear view of their PSAP's performance data so that their analysis can inform future budgeting, equipment, and staffing needs.

Feb 2021—May 2021 / Lead Designer / Delivered


911 call takers need a way to submit and receive queries to/from the federal Criminal Justice Information Services so that law enforcement can proceed accordingly.

Aug 2020—Dec 2021 / Lead Designer / Delivered

Admin Messages

Supervisors need a way to sent and receive secure messages to and from other PSAP centers that are specific for their need-to-know basis.

Aug 2020—Dec 2021 / Contributor / Live

Nova Design System

As a result of detailing the specs for the message boards system, I created a Figma component with 366 possible variants in order to best inform our developers.

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